Paul Damaren


By Gwynne Sitskerg November 23, 2020

Paul Damaren is the Senior Vice President, Food Safety & Supply Chain with Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety Inc “PJRFSI”. Prior to joining PJRFSI, Paul worked for 15 years in the food and certification industry working with clients for their food safety, supply chain, brand protection, quality, environmental, health & safety, automotive, aerospace, medical and information technology requirements. Prior to working in the certification industry, Paul was a professional Chef/consultant for 20+ years working in major hotel chains, restaurants, private golf courses and food service organizations such as Aramark. Further, Paul was a member of the National Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks (C.F.C.C.) for 14 years, member of the Region of Waterloo Culinary Association (R.W.C.A.) for 14 years, President of the R.W.C.A for 3 years, special Events chairmen – R.W.C.A 1998-2000 and National Culinary Ambassador to Russia for 5 years.


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