Tanguy Etoga


By Gwynne Sitsker March 5, 2022

Tanguy Etoga holds a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology from Laval University in Quebec as well as a master’s degree in Operations Management from McGill University in Montreal.
Tanguy has been in the food industry for 20 years and has held several executive positions in the areas of consulting, Quality, and Operations. He founded Safer Produce Consulting in 2011 with strategic partners in order to support SMEs globally in the implementation of their food safety systems. Tanguy quickly realizes that maintaining these systems is a challenge due to their limited human and financial resources.
This is how he founded in 2018 NORMEX, a food safety software company that will make the expected bridge to overcome the problem of limited resources and help companies automate their Quality, Food Safety and Health & Safety tasks and operations.
Today, several companies in North America have adopted NORMEX to maintain their food safety systems.

E-mail: tanguy_etoga@normex.ca



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