Calling all Students!

In memory of Clive Kingsbury, past Vice President who passed away suddenly, the association will be holding it's annual Clive Kingsbury Poster Competition this year, but with a twist!  As we all adapt to a virtual way of life we will be taking things digitally and our annual poster competition will be converted into a video competition!

The OFPA is inviting students from Ontario Universities and Colleges to participate in this year’s video contest, showcasing their work in the studies of Food Science and Food Safety.  Finalists are invited to attend the spring technical meeting to display their video's and to speak to our members and guests about the importance of their work.

All students who participate will receive FREE tickets to the virtual event!

How it works:

The OFPA is excited to announce that this year’s Clive Kingsbury Competition will be judged on 3-minute videos presented during the 2021 Virtual OFPA Spring Technical Meeting.  To apply, submit your written abstract to no later than March 7, 2021.

Competition Open to: Undergraduate or Graduate students enrolled in university or college programs relating to food science and food safety.

Deadline to Submit Abstracts: March 7, 2021

Written Abstract Requirements and Content: Written abstracts should be submitted in the following format: Title, authors and affiliations, purpose, methods and results, conclusion, significance to industry with a maximum of 350 words. Abstracts should be e-mailed to Abstracts should address topics related to Food Protection and Food Safety.

Written Abstract Notifications:  A review committee will select the top 10 written abstract finalists. These 10 students will be invited to submit a 3-Minute Thesis video. Details regarding how to send your video will be provided. Notification to the 10 students will be sent by e-mail by March 16.

Video Requirements and Submissions: Narrated videos must be presented with audio in a PowerPoint format with a maximum number of 4 slides, which includes a title page (title of work, author, and contact information (should you wish to be contacted about your work). All videos should be recorded in landscape format. The length of video must be a maximum of 3 minutes (03:00). These videos will be displayed on the OFPA website and YouTube page for OFPA members to review and vote one week ahead of the 2021 OFPA Spring Meeting. The deadline to submit videos is April 2, 2021.

Finalists: The top 3 videos will be shown at the OFPA Spring Technical Meeting to be held on April 15, 2021. Meeting attendees will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite and winners will be announced at the end of the meeting. Winning names will be advertised on the OFPA Website and in the OFPA Newsletter. See our website for event details.

PLEASE NOTE: Finalists will need to use the website on-line registration to register for the spring event (register at student level).

Clive Kingsbury Poster Competition - 2019 Winners

First Place: Dianne Olaires

Cinnamaldehyde-based disinfectant as an alternative to QUAT-based sanitizers against Listeria innocua. - Centennial College

Rafael Spurio accepting award

Second Place: Rafael Spurio

Can we kill Salmonella Enteritidis inside the egg? - University of Guelph

Third Place: Sakina Bano

Detection of fish mislabeling through DNA barcoding, pathogenesis and antimicrobial activity of seaweed in sushi from Toronto retailers. - Centennial College

Clive Kingsbury Poster Competition - 2018 Winners

First Place: Marissa Rankin

Increasing Traceability of Salmonella enteritidis using Single Nucleotide Variant Subtyping based on Population Structure – University of Waterloo

Second Place: Emily Morrison

Evaluation of Food Safety Messages on Popular Recipe Blogs – Ryerson University

Third Place: Chelsey Tremblay

Induction of the Dormant (Persister State) in Escherichia coli by Seed Exudates and Bile Breakdown Products – University of Guelph