The OFPA is proud to be affiliated with the International Association of Food Protection (IAFP). The IAFP is a member-based association of more than 4,500 food safety professionals committed to Advancing Food Safety Worldwide®   by providing a forum to exchange information on protecting the food supply.

As an Affiliate of the IAFP, the OFPA has been recognized in the past several times.

Affiliate Awards

Affiliates share in the excitement of the International Association's Annual Meeting by participating in committee meetings, social events, symposia, networking, and the Awards Banquet. Several Affiliate Awards are presented annually to recognize Affiliate organizations for their accomplishments and for contributing to the mission of the International Association. Those recognitions include:

Best Overall Affiliate Meeting Award

Awarded to the Affiliate hosting a comprehensive meeting addressing a wide range of food safety topics.

C. B. Shogren Memorial Award

Awarded to the Affiliate demonstrating exceptional overall achievement in promoting the mission of the International Association for Food Protection (“to provide food safety professionals worldwide with a forum to exchange information on protecting the food supply”).

 Affiliate Member Education Award

Awarded to the Affiliate contributing to the education of its members with a technical meeting(s), conference(s), webinar(s), and/or workshop(s) pertinent to the interests of its membership with regard to food protection/safety.

Affiliate Communication Materials Award

Awarded to the Affiliate distributing high-quality communication materials to their general membership on a regular basis with informative content and attractive layout.

Affiliate Membership Achievement Award

Awarded to an Affiliate demonstrating progressive and innovative plans and ideas to recruit new members to join its Affiliate organization and retain current members.

Certificate of Merit Awards

Throughout the year, Affiliates are encouraged to nominate individuals for Certificate of Merit Awards. These awards are given to IAFP Members who have been active in both their Affiliate and the International Association for Food Protection and have shown support of the ideals and objectives of the International Association. Nominations are voted on by the International Association's Executive Board. Recipients are recognized at the IAFP Affiliate Council Meeting and at the local Affiliate Meeting.

Affiliate Scholarships

Many Affiliates recognize their student members through monetary scholarships, donations of books to student libraries and providing support to enable students to attend the International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting. The Association currently has 14 Affiliates who offer 37 scholarships. The monetary value of these scholarships is in excess of $22,000 each year. The International Association encourages Affiliates to support students and encourage their development in the profession of food safety.


The OFPA is very proud to have won the various IAFP awards listed below.

2018 Affiliate Communications Materials Awards 

2018 Affiliate Membership Achievement Award

2011 C.B. Shogren Memorial Award

2010 C.B. Shogren Memorial Award

2009 C.B. Shogren Memorial Award

2008 Affiliate Communication Materials Award 

2007 Affiliate Membership Achievement Award

2006 Affiliate Communication Materials Award

2003 C.B.Shogren Memorial Award