OFPA Awards

The OFPA recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions of food safety professionals. Every year, the association reaches out to our members, partners, and colleagues to collect nominations.

Food Safety Professional of The Year Award

The Food Safety Professional of the Year Award may be presented to a member (Professional, Honorary, Retired or Sustaining Corporate) deemed to have contributed outstanding service to the Food Industry in Ontario; e.g. demonstrated expertise on sanitation procedures, improved food safety culture at a company, conducted research that made an applied contribution to food safety, and provided excellent educational or training activities to food companies. The award consists of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) registration fee, a certificate and a $250 honorarium.

Lifetime Achievement Honourary Award

May be presented to a Professional or Retired member of the Association and recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the objectives of the OFPA through more than 10 years of active service in the Association. The Lifetime Achievement Award grants the winner an honorary lifetime membership in the Ontario Food Protection Association, the AGM registration fee, a certificate and a $250 honorarium.

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit may be presented to a Professional, Honorary, Retired or Sustaining Corporate member of the Association deemed to have contributed outstanding service to the OFPA; e.g. provided high-quality articles for the newsletter, supported administrative activities, increased visibility of the OFPA. The award consists of the AGM registration fee, a certificate and a $250 honorarium.


Nomination Process & Selection Criteria

Nominations may be made by completing the nomination form at the end of this document. Forms must be received by the Committee Chair by the nomination deadline August 16th 2024. The eligibility of the award candidates shall be confirmed by the Awards Committee from the list of nominations submitted. The association members will select the winners on the basis of their outstanding contributions and their suitability for each category. The board of directors will review and vote on the nominations. Award winners will be notified in September and will be presented the award by
the chair at the AGM in October. An award shall not be made in the event that submitted nominations do not meet eligibility nor suitability for the category. For any questions or concerns about the nomination process, please email the Committee Chair.



  • The nominated candidate must be an OFPA member in good standing

  • The nominator does not need to be an OFPA member

  • There is no limit to the number of nominations a nominator can put forward

  • All nominations must be signed before the nomination form is submitted

  • Completed nominations forms must be received by email no later than the nomination deadline

  • Previous award recipients are not eligible



The Committee Chair will notify winners on September 16, 2024. The Chair shall present the awards live at the AGM on October 1, 2024. Profiles of award recipients will be posted at www.ofpa.on.ca

Gordon Hayburn is honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Honourary Award” for his extensive knowledge and mentorship in Food Safety. Gordon’s philosophy that “Shared Knowledge Is Power” truly encapsulates the spirit of our community.