Award of Merit Recipients

The Award of Merit may be presented to a Professional, Honorary, Retired or Sustaining Corporate member of the Association deemed to have contributed outstanding service to the OFPA; e.g. provided high-quality articles for the newsletter, supported administrative activities, increased visibility of the OFPA. The award consists of the AGM registration fee, a certificate and a $250 honorarium.

2023Nadia Narine
2018Joseph Myatt
2015Sani Marc Company
2014Richard Meldrum
2013Jeff Hall
2012Victoria Rose
2011Joseph Odumeru
2010Joanne Boudreault
2008Debra Bradshaw
2004Janet Harris
2003Michael H. Brodsky
2002Judy Greig
2001Melodie Wynne
2000Jean Allen
1999Larry Mendes
1998Sue Fraser
1997Debbie Labelle
1996Deb Cerson
1995Linda Harris
1994Janet Avery
1993Peter Boleszczuk
1992Coleen Stevens
1991Sherry Hagino
1990Steven Stylladis
1989I.R. Patel
1988Mike Brock
1987Gail (Evans) Holland

Lifetime Achievement Honourary Award

May be presented to a Professional or Retired member of the Association and recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the objectives of the OFPA through more than 10 years of active service in the Association. The Lifetime Achievement Award grants the winner an honorary lifetime membership in the Ontario Food Protection Association, the AGM registration fee, a certificate and a $250 honorarium.

2023Gordon Hayburn
2021Shirley May Chalouh
2015Mike Brodsky
2014Jeff Farber
2011Marilyn Lee
2006Larry (Laurindo) Mendes

Food Safety Professional of The Year Award

The Food Safety Professional of the Year Award may be presented to a member (Professional, Honorary, Retired or Sustaining Corporate) deemed to have contributed outstanding service to the Food Industry in Ontario; e.g. demonstrated expertise on sanitation procedures, improved food safety culture at a company, conducted research that made an applied contribution to food safety, and provided excellent educational or training activities to food companies. The award consists of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) registration fee, a certificate and a $250 honorarium.

2023Michael Byerley
2021Gordon Hayburn
2020D. Gaurave Tewari
2019Chris Chanas
2018Jessica Burke
2017Karen Schroder
2015Trophy Foods Inc.
2014Nel Pereira
2013Steve Pereira
2012Arry Taves
2011Joe Pereirra
2010Ian Culley
2009Sherif Morcos
2004Irwin G. Pronk
2003Mervin Baker
2002Ron Judge
2001Anna Lammerding
2000Anne MacKenzie
1999Terry Williams
1998Tom Graham
1997D. Wayne Sprung
1995Ron Usborne
1994Larry Mendes
1993J. Lytwyn
1992J. Dale
1991Manny Pereira
1990Michael Brodsky
1989J. Douglas Cunningham
1988R. Fred Eckel
1987Reinhard Purfurst
1986Patrick Dodwworth
1985Charles Debono
1984R. Pardy
1983 V. Lucca
1982W. Humphreys
1981Robert C. Tiffin
1980G. Hazelwood
1979S. Gelda
1978D.J. Wood
1977A.N. Myhr
1976R.H. Jardine
1975H. Cauthers
1974L. Farguharson
1973C. Merkely
1972W. Krotz
1971F.R. Roughley
1970T. Dickison
1969F. Hamilton
1968W.D. McCorquodale
1967J.C. Palmer

Gordon Hayburn is honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Honourary Award” for his extensive knowledge and mentorship in Food Safety. Gordon’s philosophy that “Shared Knowledge Is Power” truly encapsulates the spirit of our community.

Mike Byerley, awarded the “Sanitarian and Food Safety Professional of the Year,” deserves recognition for his exemplary service and mentorship. Mike’s storied career, marked by pivotal roles during national emergencies, has been a testament to his dedication to public health and safety.

Nadia Narine, our “Award of Merit” recipient, has been instrumental in the operational success of the OFPA. Her leadership has propelled the organization to new heights and garnered respect across the global food safety community.