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July 2020 - Canadian Food Inspection Agency Updates

Reminder on SFCR requirements for the manufactured food sector/ Rappel sur les exigences du RSAC pour le secteur des aliments manufacturés

On July 15, 2020, new requirements relating to licensing, preventive controls and traceability under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) begin to apply to businesses in the manufactured food sector.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) understands that this remains a difficult time for some businesses in the manufactured food sector as they continue to struggle with challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CFIA activities and priorities regarding industry compliance during the pandemic remain the same as announced in April. Any change to the CFIA's prioritization of compliance and enforcement activities with regard to the SFCR will be announced with adequate lead time once the situation allows. The CFIA will continue to support businesses in their efforts to comply with relevant legislation, including the SFCR.

Businesses are still expected to meet requirements of the Food and Drugs Act and the Food and Drug Regulations, as well as other SFCR requirements that were applicable prior to July 15, 2020, including those related to food safety, exports, packaging and labelling.

In the event of a food safety issue, the CFIA will take action to protect consumers. This may include recalling, seizing or detaining food products and using other enforcement and control measures.

Until then, we encourage businesses in this sector to review and, where possible, take steps to meet new licensing, preventive control and traceability requirements of the SFCR.

To support businesses in these efforts, the CFIA has made improvements to the Toolkit for food businesses and has launched a food business requirements virtual assistant to help them find key information and resources on our website.

Businesses are encouraged to consult the COVID-19: CFIA information for industry section of the website for regular updates.

We thank you for your collaboration.


À compter du 15 juillet 2020, les entreprises du secteur des aliments manufacturés seront assujetties à de nouvelles exigences du Règlement sur la salubrité des aliments au Canada (RSAC) relatives à la délivrance de licences, aux mesures de contrôle préventif et à la traçabilité.

L'Agence canadienne d'inspection des aliments (ACIA) comprend que certaines entreprises du secteur des aliments manufacturés continuent de vivre une période difficile remplie de défis à relever découlant de la pandémie de COVID‑19.

Les activités et priorités de l'ACIA concernant la conformité de l'industrie pendant la pandémie demeurent les mêmes que celles annoncées en avril. Tout changement apporté à la liste des priorités de l'ACIA en ce qui concerne les activités d'assurance de la conformité et d'application de la loi associées au RSAC sera annoncé suffisamment à l'avance dès que la situation le permettra. L'ACIA continuera d'appuyer les entreprises dans leurs efforts pour se conformer aux lois pertinentes, y compris le RSAC.

Les entreprises sont toujours tenues de respecter les exigences de la Loi sur les aliments et drogues et de son règlement d'application ainsi que d'autres exigences du RSAC qui s'appliquaient avant le 15 juillet 2020, notamment en ce qui concerne la salubrité des aliments, les exportations, l'emballage et l'étiquetage.

En cas de problème lié à la salubrité des aliments, l'ACIA prendra des mesures pour protéger les consommateurs, comme le rappel, la saisie ou la retenue de produits alimentaires et le recours à d'autres mesures d'application de la loi et de contrôle, entre autres.

D'ici là, nous encourageons les entreprises de ce secteur à examiner les nouvelles exigences du RSAC relatives à la délivrance de licences, aux mesures de contrôle préventif et à la traçabilité et, dans la mesure du possible, à prendre des mesures pour les respecter.

Pour appuyer les entreprises dans le cadre de ces efforts, l'ACIA a amélioré sa Trousse d'outils pour les entreprises alimentaires et a lancé un service d'assistant virtuel pour les entreprises alimentaires afin de les aider à trouver des renseignements et des ressources clés sur son site Web.

Les entreprises devraient consulter la section du site Web des informations de l'ACIA pour l'industrie sur la COVID-19 pour obtenir des mises à jour régulièrement.

Nous vous remercions de votre collaboration.


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This edition is packed with information including:
**Information on Coronavirus; 
**Article on Building a Comprehensive Plan for Food Recalls and Brand Protection;
**Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance;
**Save The Dates for OFPA's 2020 and 2021 events;
**Message from our 2020 President Joseph Myatt.


OFPA Awards

2018 OFPA Awards Recipients

 Award of Merit

 joe Congratulations to Joe Myatt who won the OFPA Board of Directors Award of Merit.  This award is presented to a professional, honorary, sustaining or retired member of the Association deemed to have contributed outstanding service to the Ontario Food Protection Association Inc.

 Award of Sanitarian and Food Safety Professional of the Year

 jessica Congratulations Jessica Burke who has won the Sanitarian and Food Safety Professional of the Year Award.  This award is given to a Member of the Association deemed to have contributed outstanding service to the Food Industry of Ontario. 



IAFP Awards

2018 IAFP Awards Recipients

Affiliate Communication Materials Awards

Ontario Affiliate Comm. Materials Award

Affiliate Membership Achievement Award

Affiliate Membership Achievement Ontario

OFPA Scholarships


2019 OFPA Scholarship Recipients

 Michael Balde is the recipient of the 2019 recipient of the Ontario Food Protection Association (OFPA) Scholarship at Centennial College. Here he is with Joseph Myatt our OFPA Vice-President, at the Centennial College Student Award Night. Michael is in the Food Technology, Applied Science program and he likes Food Microbiology. He is in his final year at the Centennial College Progress Campus. He would like, upon graduating to work in a food manufacturing lab and work his way up to QA Manager. Micheal was very thankful to be awarded our OFPA $1000 scholarship.  Congratulations! 



Cailyn Muir, recipient of the 2019 Ontario Food Protection Association Scholarship was presented with her award by Dr. Lisa Duizer, Chair of the Department of Food Science.  Cailyn is in her 4th year of a Bachelor of Food Science at the University of Guelph. She hopes to work in product development for a few years learning more about the food industry and would eventually like to stoke her entrepreneurial spirit by starting her own business. She hasn’t ruled out grad studies, but for now she wants to experience the working world full time after graduation and she is very interested in the industry position she has been offered for the summer. Cailyn says that thanks in large part to our generous scholarship, she did not have to worry about working during the school year, allowing her more time to concentrate on her studies, but also more time to be very involved with the Food Science Club Executive and school events, such as College Royal.  Congratulations! 



Halli Berry is the 2019 recipient of the Ontario Food Protection Association (OFPA) Scholarship at George Brown College. Halli is enrolled as a full-time student in the Chef School within the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts at George Brown College. She is extremely grateful to receive this OFPA scholarship. She expresses that this financial support will help her fund her tuition for the year, cover her expenses and allow her to continue to participate in her extensive extracurricular activities. Congratulations! 

 2018 OFPA Scholarship Recipients

Our 2018 recipient of the Ontario Food Protection Association Scholarship Durham College is Sinthujah Paskaran.  Sinthujah graduated from the Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology Program at Durham College in June 2019. Before starting this program, she had decided that she wanted to have a career in laboratory testing. She wanted to work somewhere where she could be part of the in-production and post production testing of consumer products.  In the Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology Program, Sinthujah has obtained diverse skills and knowledge in both the pharmaceutical and food science fields. She hopes to establish a successful career, using her new skills and knowledge in microbiology, analytical chemistry and analytical instrumentation pertaining to both pharmaceutical and food science fields.  Congratulations! 
Dianne Kristine Olaires, the 2018 Ontario Food Protection Association (OFPA) Scholarship recipient was presented with her award at the Centennial College Student Awards Ceremony by OFPA Director Nadia Narine. This is what Diana wanted us to know: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my parents the product of my hard work. It makes me so happy to see my parents so proud and moreover, it makes me happy to know that I am able to pay my college loans with help.”  Congratulations! 
Janikka Blair Murray is the 2018 Ontario Food Protection Association (OFPA) Scholarship at George Brown College. Rocio Morales, our OFPA Treasurer was with Janikka when she received the Scholarship at the George Brown Awards Ceremony. Janikka is enrolled as a full-time student in the Chef School within the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts at George Brown College. Janikka was very thankful for this gift from OFPA.  Congratulations! 

 2017 OFPA Scholarship Recipients 


Winner - Haiyan Jin (Centennial College)

     Winner - Brook Betts (Conestoga College)

2016 OFPA Scholarship Recipients

Brandon Herron is the 2016 Ontario Food Protection Association (OFPA) Scholarship at Centennial College. Brandon is a 3rd year student in the Food Science Technology Program at Centennial College. Brandon expresses his appreciation to OFPA “This scholarship will greatly help me offset tuition and related costs. I dedicate my life to my studies, and receiving a scholarship is a great reward for my hard work and a definite confidence booster.”  Congratulations! 

 2015 OFPA Scholarship Recipients


Hillary O'Reilly is the recipient of the 2015 OFPA George Brown Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement in Food and Nutrition Management. Hillary is currently working towards the completion of her CSNM certification and due to graduate in June 2015. The OFPA wishes Hillary well in her future career and endeavors.  Congratulations! 

 YennyKurniawan  Yenny Kurniawan is a Food and Nutrition Management Student at George Brown College. She started at George Brown in 2013 where she found her passion for food, nutrition, and health and safety, when she graduated from the Culinary Management Nutrition program. Yenny is especially drawn towards health care. At this moment she is looking forward to completing her education and following her path to working and developing a career in the health care industry.  Congratulations! 
 JignaPatel  Jigna Patel is in the final year of the Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology program. She is a graduate of Durham College’s Chemical Laboratory Technician program as well. Jigna took a number of Microbiology courses, including Food Microbiology in both laboratory and lecture sessions. She is always engaged and interested in lecture and lab material.  Congratulations! 
 KaitlynBailon  Kaitlyn Balon is a graduate of Ryerson University from the School of Occupational and Public Health in the Public Health stream. Kaitlyn is currently applying to Masters Degree programs with a focus in Epidemiology. She is very interested in food safety, food microbiology and infectious disease.  Congratulations! 


 2014 OFPA Scholarship Recipients


Anamika Sarkar was this years recipient of the OFPA scholarship award in recognition for her academic performance in the area of biotechnology. She was awarded the $1000 cheque by Dr. Moustapha Oke of the OFPA (left)  and Yves Deschenes, Associate Vice President, Human Resources (right) at the Centennial College Awards event held on the 15th March 2015.



Clive Kingsbury Poster Competition


Congratulations to our 2019 Winners!

Congratulations to all of the nominees into the Clive Kingsbury Poster Competition. A total of 8 research projects were selected. The top three projects, as voted by the attendees of the meeting, were:

First Place: Dianne Olaires - Cinnamaldehyde-based disinfectant as an alternative to QUAT-based sanitizers against Listeria innocua. - Centennial College

Second Place: Rafael Spurio - Can we kill Salmonella Enteritidis inside the egg? - University of Guelph

Third Place: Sakina Bano - Detection of fish mislabeling through DNA barcoding, pathogenesis and antimicrobial activity of seaweed in sushi from Toronto retailers. - Centennial College


Change At The Top - 2020

Joe Myatt

Nadia Narine
Acting Vice President, Treasurer
Shirley May Chalouh
Executive Assistant (EA)
Angela Bernoski
Past President









The OFPA executive board for 2020 has seen dynamic and exciting changes in 2020 introducing various new members and roles to the Board of Directors.  New members include: Gwynne Sitsker, Denise Horseman, Brett Dooley, Paul Damaren and Deanna Zenger who all bring exciting energy to the team.  Moving to the President position for 2020 will be Joe Myatt and Angela Beronski will hold the position of Past President for 2020.

Ananth Kasic who was our Past President in 2019 left the Board after the completion of his duties on the Executive. As well, Peck Yap and Rupali Sanas resigned from the Board in 2020. We thank Ananth, Peck and Rupali for their dedication and hard work in keeping OFPA the great Association that it is! Rocio Morales who filled the role of Vice President in January 2020 has resigned from the Board in July 2020.  Rocio was a dedicated Board member and worked hard in her Executive position.  We will miss her.   

Nadia Narine has taken over as VP for the balance of 2020 and is also our Treasurer for 2020.

With the recent changes to the Board, the OFPA is looking for new Board members. If interested, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Word From The OFPA President 2019 - Angela Bernoski


To OFPA Members, Partners, Industry Colleagues, and Friends:

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is behind us now!  I hope that you had a chance to enjoy some time with family and friends over the holiday season and recharged your batteries for the upcoming challenges ahead in 2019. The OFPA Board of Directors is eagerly planning the 2019 events schedule which will include a Spring Technical Meeting, a Fall Food Safety Symposium with our Annual General Meeting, a Breakfast Session, and potentially bringing back the Golf Tournament. We are eagerly building agendas for these sessions that will contain current, hot topics with exceptional Key Note Speakers.  If you are willing to speak at an event, volunteer, want to join as a member or perhaps form a partnership agreement with the OFPA, please reach out and let’s get connected!  As a not-for-profit organization, our success depends on the generosity of our volunteers, partnerships, and members.

If you have not renewed your membership for 2019, don’t wait please do so today! Note that it has been a number of years since we increased our membership dues, so don’t be alarmed if you notice a small price increase for 2019.

On-line membership renewal is on our website at

I’d like to take a moment to thank those who we had partnership agreements within 2018 and we hope to continue these agreements into 2019.  A special thank you to NSF International for always showing their support at all our OFPA events and providing some top-notch speakers.  And to Strategy Institute for providing an excellent opportunity for us to share the objectives of the OFPA at their Food Safety, Regulatory and Quality Symposiums.  We look forward to expanding our partnership agreements with Global Food Safety Resources, the University of Guelph Food Science Division, and TrainCan.  Building these partnerships directly supports the OFPA’s mission to represent Industry, government, and academia by bringing us together in a forum to promote, educate and communicate innovations in food safety!  Food safety is not a secret, it’s everyone’s business. So, let’s continue to learn and share together to make 2019 and the years to come safe for our loved ones.

I am honored to represent the OFPA in 2019 as President and very proud of our board of directors as we have a wonderful team of volunteers from all sectors of industry, academia, and government.  I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming OFPA events.

Angela Bernoski

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