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Change At The Top

Ananth Kasic
Angela Bernoski
Vice President
Joe Myatt
Shirley May Chalouh
Executive Assistant (EA)
Katherine DiTommaso
Past President

The executive board for 2018 was presented to the OFPA membership at their Fall Meeting and Annual General Meeting on November 22, 2017. Outgoing members of the executive board include 2017 President, Katherine Di Tommaso and Past President Moustapha Oke. We have welcomed five new Board Members for 2018 – Cameron Prince, Hanie Ahmadi, Kristen Green, Nadia Narine and Rupali Sanas. That’s because we had to say farewell to several Board Members in 2018 – past President Katherine Di Tommaso, as well as Andrew Sweet, Martha Palomar, and Tatiana Koutchma. In addition, Director Shirley May Chalouh has moved to the OFPA position of Executive Assistant and Cameron Prince has since left the board. Our new Directors bring a lot of energy to the OFPA and we thank them for their contributions. We also thank our past Directors and Executive for their dedication and hard work in keeping OFPA the great Association that it is!
Moving to the President position will be Ananth Kasic with the Vice President position being filled by Angela Bernoski. Joe Myatt has moved into the position of Treasurer. We wish them well in progressing the growth of the Association over the next year.

Food Safety News: Q1 + Q2 - 2015



Food Safety News: Q3 + Q4 - 2015

Final Board Meeting for 2015

OFPA Board Dec2015

The OFPA Board of Directors met on the 15th Dec for the final meeting of 2015. The board has undergone a roller coaster ride in 2015 but has come through stronger for the experience. From left to right; Greg Vallee (outgoing), Keith Warriner (outgoing), Tatiana Koutchma (Website and social media), Shirley Chalouh (Membership), Martha Palomar (Awards), Lynne Fruhner (ougoing), Azadeh Namvar (Executive), Angela Bernoski (scholarship), Katherine Di Tommaso (Vice-President), Andrew Sweet (Membership) and Moustapha Oke (President). Wishing all out members a Happy Holiday and look forward to a productive 2016.

OFPA Board Member on CBC Radio

Dr Keith Warriner of the University of Guelph conducted 16 interviews with 16 regional CBC radio stations across Canada on Monday 31st Aug. He was asked to comment on recent research from UCDavis highlighting the low efficacy of post-harvest washing to reduce contamination on spinach Washing Spinach

Although the findings of the research simply what has been known for 20 years the news story provided an oppertunity to inform consumers what steps are being taken at primary production to ensure food safety of leafy greens and also what they can do in the home to avoid foodborne illness.

Tell All On Why Burgers Don't Rot

Watch as OFPA Board Member Dr. Keith Warriner and MSc Student Kayla discuss what happens toburger ingredients and why they don't rot.

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